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Customs Declaration Services

With the onset of Globalization, trade among nations has grown exponentially. This has resulted in integration of national economies into a global economic system. Although globalization has enabled world economy to become strong and stable it has also given birth to competition among nations to dominate world economy thereby increasing the possibility of malpractice and malicious tactics to gain majority share. To ensure fair competition and level playing field, governments along with international organizations such as World Trade Organization (WTO) have set trade and custom rules and regulations.

Many organizations can’t manage the cost of work force versed in the complex administrative prerequisites representing these trade and custom regulations. For this situation, they opt for customs clearance services specialists like ITCube.

ITCube’s Portfolio Of Custom Clearance Services:

1. Import Declarations
  • Provide and maintain an import/export documentation file sufficient for HMRC purposes
  • Build and maintain a commodity code database by product code for the goods
  • 24/7 calling support
2. Export Declarations
  • Check all relevant customs and trade documents for customers
  • Submission of customs declarations using simplified, summary and standard procedures
  • Scan and file support documents
  • Complete customs entries in an accurate and timely manner and deliver a Customs-compliant service that meets HMRC standards
  • Deal with enquiries and help to sell relevant international trade services
  • Automate policy changes

ITCube’s customs clearance specialists ensure your shipments cross borders and make it to their intended destination securely. Regulations and rules in cross-border exchanges continue evolving. As specialists in the prerequisites for each kind of products, ITCube can enable you to keep away from expensive deferrals, fines, reallocation of the stock and different penalties.

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