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Contact Center Services

It is necessary for any businesses to have a streamlined call center operation

A contact / call center is not just a few agents sitting with phone lines and answering / making calls and trying to sell something, it is a way for any business to expand its outreach. It is necessary for any businesses to have a streamlined call center operation to ensure customer satisfaction and growth. Through a call center, you can not only monitor, track, manage and route phone calls to your customers to engage / support them but you can also develop ideas for business growth by understanding customer requirements better.
In today’s techno-friendly world, customers want it all. They want personalized attention every-time they contact a service provider.

ITCube provides below services to its customers
Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound call centers are game changers in the way customers look at any organization. We focus on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction which in turn helps our customers to grow and focus on their core business.
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Live Chat Support Services

When customers need immediate attention and don’t want to wait in queue, our Live Chat agents ensure customers receive prompt and efficient responses irrespective of new or existing customers. This ensures complete customer satisfaction
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Outbound Call Center Services

Every company needs a robust system to reach out to existing and new customers. ITCube works as your extended team in ensuring your customers are well attended.
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Call Quality & Analytics

Every contact center needs to constantly analyze and improve its agents. This is where our call quality and Analytics services comes handy. We can standardize the way all agents handle customers and thereon monitor them to control exceptions.
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