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Business Continuity

Juggling With Biggest Challenges?

We are in time of great uncertainty; however, technology has ensured seamless local as well as global connectivity and smooth functioning of business operations. The biggest challenge ahead for us all is lightning fast pace at which technology changes and how to keep up with this evolving landscape juggling our time between running our business and upgrading ourselves.

Data as they say is the most important commodity today and its security the biggest challenge. Most companies are still trying to overcome the technical challenges that have come with this current situation of “Work from Home” and “Data Security”. We at ITCube are dedicated in bridging this gap. Our cybersecurity offerings have enabled organizations in gaining enterprise wide visibility into their network & traffic thereby reducing surface attack exposure through microsegmentation and during the last few years won several RSA and Cybersecurity excellence awards.


We have been supporting industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing and many more achieve their security objectives through our solutions.

Product Highlights
  • Easy to deploy cloud delivered solutions
  • Detect unauthorized traffic
  • Create zero trust zones
  • Block suspicious communication
  • Secure Dynamic workloads
  • Automate policy changes
Product Benefits
  • No hardware cost
  • Security reports
  • Policy management
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Ultralight agent
  • Role based access control

Microsegmentation breaks up security parameters into small zones within an organization’s network. Our products require multi-level protocols and validation steps to access different parts of the network, this helps in tailoring security settings thereby helping in managing internal and external device communication. Our products decrease the network attack surface, reducing the risk of a hacker moving from one compromised application to another once they’re inside an organization.  To top it up microsegmentation improves operational efficiency and drives down costs. Access control list and firewall policies require significant management overhead and can be difficult to scale, our products makes it easy to define segments and modify them when needed.